Good Stuff to Read In Places You Wouldn't Normally Look

Frank Hinton


1) Where are you from? Why?

I’m from Nova Scotia, Canada. I was born on the same day and year as Melrose, the runner up for season 7 of America’s Next Top Model. I guess I’m Canadian. I don’t always identify with being a Canadian though. Why was I born? I’m not sure. My parents had sex on a mutual off-shift at MacDonald’s. I suppose I’m the product of whatever nutrients my dad had that day (a Big Mac?).

2) Generate a relevant formula.

coffee and LSD equals purple sacs

3) Right now there seems to be a paradox in literature: We all love books (we were raised on them and continue to live by them) but we also love the Internet (it is our generation’s blessing/curse to sort out). Problem is: books and Internet are diametrically opposite kinds of media that require very different forms of production, marketing, and consumption. How is this all going to pan out for the literary community?

I don’t know if there’s a paradox/ I think you had one or two doors to go through as a writer back before cloud computing and social media/ Now, you don’t just need a big publisher to get your name around/ Mainstream publishing makes a lot of people sick, but before the internet there was no way to express it/ I think the online literary community is a reaction to mainstream disgust/ There will always be books, but now authors build an online infrastructure around themselves/ Your personality isn’t confined to your text or your interviews/ It’s a good time to be a writer/ The profession means more now.

4) List two pros and two cons of being an editor of an online magazine.

pro- meeting other cool writers. con- losing time to write due to editing responsibilities. pro- getting first dibs on fresh fiction con- getting shitty Twilight fanfic submissions.

5) Who reads your magazine? Why do you think they read it?

I’m not sure who reads metazen. There is a strong fan community and lots of supporters. Other writers. Little curious creatures underground. I think metafiction can be fun and they like that. At least we try to put out metafiction that doesn’t rely on traditional metafiction gimmicks.

6) What is there, and what should we do about it?

There’s a weird lump on my body. You should convince me to get it checked out.

7) This is the jack-in-the-box question. Surprise us with something.

Frank Hinton edits Metazen.

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